“Teresa Imer, Life as a masquerade”

Teresa Imer (1723-1797) or Teresa Cornelys or Madame de Pompeati or … was a strong woman. She was an international star soprano and the first female director of the Antwerp Operahouse. She organized masquerades, house concerts, parties, … in her Carlisle House in London. 

We see her during one of the last days of her life: sick, lonely and broke. Locked into prison by her plaintiffs. She looks back on a turbulent life. A life of abundance, celebrity, motherhood, casanova and and other lovers … along Venice, the Austrian Netherlands and London … along Vivaldi, Gluck, Haendel, J.S. Bach, … A life full of masks.

Theater Tapissierspand, Antwerp

Want to get to know this woman? Wednesday January the 29th at 2:30 pm in Vleeshuis Antwerp is your chance! Dorine Mortelmans will sing and perform the role of Teresa, accompanied on harpsichord and fortepiano by Frank Agsteribbe and on cello by Bernard Woltèche. Marieke Van Hooff will talk you through the story.